Senior Citizen Services

Senior Citizen Services

Shop without leaving your home using our convenient online ordering system.

Order yourself - or have someone order for you. You can even have the same groceries sent out week after week. It is so easy and your groceries will be delivered right to your kitchen!

Our online grocery store features the same prices as our grocery store - including the Downtown Family Foods weekly sales as well as exclusive online specials.

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You can order:

  • groceries
  • pet food and cat litter
  • shampoo and soap
  • laundry products
  • frozen food meals
  • fresh baking 
  • deli meals

in the major name brands. 

"I live near Edmonton, Alberta. My uncle and mother are seniors and unable to get out easily. We were looking for a store in their neighborhood that would deliver groceries. My husband found your site while checking on the web. It has been working very well for us and we appreciate your service very much."



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